It’s Getting Random In Here

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eggs and sweet potato

1. Sweet potatoes and fried eggs are one of my favorite combinations right now. Yesterday I microwaved a sweet potato for a couple of minutes, chopped it up, stir-fried it in a pan with coconut oil (heated on medium), added salt & pepper, oregano, onion & garlic powder, and cooked through until soft. Then I added two fried eggs on top. Talk about a perfect breakfast!

2. I am loving dance fitness workouts. The time flies by and it honestly doesn’t even feel like I’m working out. Last night I did videos from ClubFITz and Dance Fitness with Jessica through the YouTube channel on Roku.

3. Have any of my fellow graphic designers heard of Sketch? I keep hearing about how it’s a better alternative to the Adobe Creative Suite and at only $99, I’m definitely interested. I downloaded the free trial, but haven’t gotten a chance to really play around with it yet. I’d love to hear your experience with it and how it compares to Illustrator.

4. Since Waves has gotten a little tv crazy lately, I’m trying out the tv token idea that I saw over on A Healthy Slice of Life. I put four tokens on the fridge each morning and she has blown through them all by lunch time haha. But, once they are gone she doesn’t get upset. I was really worried there would be a freak out, but nope.. she just goes on and plays with her toys. It’s really working for us so far and seems like a great solution.

>>> I made up a quick set of printable tv tokens that feature characters like Doc McStuffins, Dora, Octonauts, Peppa, etc. to use for Wave’s tv time. If you want to use them too you can download the PDF right here.

5. I shared this on the blog’s Facebook page, but wanted to put it here too because it’s such a great resource: a list of 50 free workout videos/channels. There’s all kinds of great workouts here including yoga, pilates, hiit, etc. I’ve been working out at home after Waves goes to bed so I will definitely be trying some of these out soon.

Hope you all have a great day!


What I Ate Wednesday


Happy July 1st! Everyone is saying it, but I’m gonna say it again because it’s true.. this year is flying by. It’s craziness. I remembered to take pics of most of my food yesterday so it’s What I Ate Wednesday time again.

Yesterday for breakfast, Waves and I had oatmeal with banana, cinnamon, and honey, plus almond milk in mine. I was going to take photos of what she eats alongside what I do, but this ended up being the only time I remembered to do it :\


After breakfast we headed to Publix to get groceries. They had their to-go containers of fresh fruit B1G1 so we got some watermelon that we finished in one day. It was so good! We also stocked up on lots of corn on the cob, mangoes, salad ingredients, and other snacks. I slacked and didn’t make a meal plan this week so we’ll probably have to do another grocery trip in a couple of days.


For lunch I made these collard green rolls that I’d seen on Whitney’s blog. They were so good! I’ve seen a lot of people using collards in place of tortillas and hamburger buns lately. I see why since they don’t have a much of a taste, plus are really durable. I’ll definitely be making these rolls a lot this summer.

*edited to add: totally forgot that I made one of these mug brownies after lunch. I only use 1T of brown sugar and add in a heaping tablespoon of chocolate chips.



I grabbed some grape tomatoes for a snack, then realized they were really good so I brought the hummus out to the party too. Waves and I finished off these tomatoes, but she does not like hummus at all, so that was all mine.

I also made a big pot of unsweetened iced tea on Monday. To sweeten it by the glass, I’ll microwave a few tablespoons of water for like 30 seconds, stir in honey until it’s dissolved, and then add the honey/water mix into the tea. It’s awesome! I think I’m going to make iced green tea next week.

I also had a few chips and some salsa while I was getting dinner ready.


Dinner was so good last night! I made this spiced lemon baked chicken, roasted asparagus, and corn on the cob. For the corn, I put the entire thing, husk and all, straight into a 350* oven for about 25 minutes. It’s so easy and cooks it perfectly.

After dinner and once Waves was in bed, I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill. Since I was all alone again, you better believe I turned that tv straight to the Golden Girls. Cardio and the girls.. it doesn’t get better than that. I did incline intervals similar to this workout.

Once I got home, I ate a banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter, but totally spaced on taking a photo. But I’m sure you’ll be fine without it.

So that’s what yesterday’s meals looked like for me. We have 7 straight days of rain on the forecast, so I’m off here to finish my coffee and look for any indoor events going on that would be good for Waves. If you’re in the Chattanooga area and ever looking for kid-friendly things to do, check out this kid’s calendar. It’s very helpful!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday :]


Weekly Love

weekly love

face cream

I chose a couple of new skin care items on Amazon to try out. I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of the OZ Naturals eye cream, but I probably just need to use it a bit longer to see. But the Andalou Naturals night cream? I noticed a difference in the brightness and softness in my skin overnight. It is really incredible and I love it. I have really sensitive skin and this hasn’t given me any weird reactions. I’m really happy with it.

kangaroo at the Nashville Zoo

My husband had a two day conference in Nashville on Thursday and Friday and we decided to tag along. I’m so glad we did because Waves and I had such a great time! We spent the first day at the Nashville Zoo. Their kangaroo exhibit is insane because you get to actually go into their habitat and they’re just all hanging out. You can’t get off the paved path to go pet them, but if one is on the path then you’re allowed to. So Waves got to pet this guy which was just awesome.

I highly recommend visiting this zoo if you’re in the area and into that kind of thing. The animal habitats were beautiful and the zoo was laid out really well.

Veggie slaw dog at The Dog in Nashville

The next day we hit up Fannie Mae Dees park which is an awesome park! Lots of shade, a separate playground for the smaller kids, and some nice art installations.

And right down the road is The Dog which is one of my favorite places to eat. They have super friendly employees, a nice vibe, and incredible veggie slaw dog, and the best fries ever.

We also went to Centennial Park to see the Parthenon, to Bongo Java for the best iced coffee I’ve had in a long time, and Hatch Show Print where Waves got some super cool smashed pennies.

Some other stuff I’ve loved this week:

hot tea, especially peppermint /// games of hide n’ seek with Waves /// onion rings /// YouTube for Kids app: easy to navigate, you can set parental controls, and no inappropriate ads /// summer! /// coffee shops that have record players and are playing old Elton John albums /// walking all around a new city /// sunshine

– These are the magic 6 hours that could improve your relationship. Sounds like a lot of time, but you’ll be surprised how it adds up.

– Make your own stuffed grape leaves. I love these things!

– This is just too good: Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers perfect response to follower who didn’t like his gay marriage picture.

– Check out this yoga studio that has a class featuring adoptable cats. Such a cute idea and sweet story.

– I love the Italian wonderpot from Budget Bytes, so I am really eager to try this new one pot roasted red pepper pasta. I bet it’s incredible.

Have a great weekend!