The Weekend & Week Ahead

raw honey - ooltewah, tn

sushi - spring rolls - inari

On Saturday morning we decided to do a little exploring. We were headed to Harrison Bay State Park and when I realized it was the same exit as The Village Market and I knew we had to stop there. I had been there once before and it is great. It’s a small grocery store that has a deli, sushi, grab n’ go foods, bulk foods, and everything else you can imagine, but it’s completely vegetarian. It’s located on the Southern Adventist University campus and this is where students can use their meal plans, so it’s always really busy and there are a ton of great to-go options.

In addition to that jar of honey above, we picked up some juices, quinoa chips, candy for Waves, and I got the spring rolls and inari above. Their sushi is really very good and that’s what I’ve bought both times I’ve went there. I want to try out the deli next time.

harrison bay state park

Once we had food and drinks, we headed to Harrison Bay State Park. We definitely want to come back here in the summer to do some camping because it was really nice! It was cold so there wasn’t much to do besides letting Waves throw a few rocks into the water. They did have a turkey vulture and red-tailed hawk on site and she really enjoyed seeing those.


When we got home about three hours later, I put my Valentine’s gift to good use. I’m obsessed with this thing! I’ve used it a ton already, especially just for a single cup of hot water for tea. I also have made iced coffee with it and loved it. I just use the dark roast Starbucks k-cups and brew over ice using the smallest cup button, add a little almond milk, and it honestly tastes just like iced coffee from Starbucks.

sopa de fideo

I also made this sopa de fideo recipe over the weekend. My friend Julie posted a picture on Instagram of some that she had made and it looked so good that I knew I had to make some too. I really loved it and will definitely be making it again. It’s perfect for these cold nights and it’s so easy to make.

We did a big shopping trip over the weekend since they were predicting a big snow/ice storm heading our way, but that didn’t happen haha. So instead of a meal plan this week, I am just going to try to use up all the random groceries we did buy.

As far as workouts go, I’m sticking to spinning, yoga, and walking. I’m looking forward to a week of low-impact exercise sessions this week. Switching things up is always good.

I hope that you all have a great week!


Weekly Love

weekly love

· Karina from Fitsickle shares how she organizes her recipes online.

· Into the Gloss has an awesome feature where they interview people to find out their beauty routines and product recommendations. Here are a couple of my favorites: Mallory Jansen & make-up artist Yadim. Also check out this 63 year old model’s skincare regimen.

· Mary Keitany ran a 1:06 half marathon on Friday and Florence Kiplagat broke the world record (that she previously held) just a few days earlier. Absolutely incredible. Love it!

· I absolutely love spring rolls and am looking forward to trying this recipe out. And I will definitely be making this sweet chili sauce to go along with them. mmm! :]

· Women’s Health gives you a simple formula to figure out how much weight should you be lifting.

· Eat Cheap & Healthy is a pretty neat sub-Reddit I came across the other day. There are a lot of great ideas and good discussion going on there.

· Brit from GRITbyBrit delivers a tough 30 minute core workout!

· I am horrible at curling my hair, so I’m hoping that this easy to follow tutorial can help me! Her curls look amazing.

· Learn why scientists say kindness and generosity are the keys to a healthy, lasting relationship.

· Here’s 24 one-hit wonders from the ’00s that deserve to be listened to again. “Hit ‘Em Up Style” is a personal fave.

Have a great week!


Toddler Approved Meals

toddler approved stir-fry recipe

Waves, my two and a half year old daughter, has always been pretty good about trying new foods. Here lately though she has started to become a little pickier about her meals and wanting to stick with the basics—grilled cheese, pasta, and pb&j sandwiches. I try to vary those things a bit, such as swapping the peanut butter with almond butter or adding veggies and nutritional yeast to her pasta.

I wanted to share some meals that she’s really enjoying at the moment. I know how tough it can be to come up with new ideas so I always like to share.

The stir-fry above was a huge hit and super easy to make. I just sautéed broccoli, asparagus, carrots, green beans, ginger, and garlic in sesame oil until they softened. Then I added a little bit of brown sugar mixed with soy sauce, cooked whole wheat spaghetti, peas, and corn until warmed through. I would have added some sesame seeds on top but didn’t have any on hand.

The rest of these are really bad iPhone photos—sorry!

toddler approved food

cheese toast, sliced cucumber, and Aldi’s frozen veggie blend with butter

toddler approved food

scrambled egg, toast with butter and grape jelly, sliced strawberries

toddler approved food

Mexican quinoa (she loves this stuff!), oranges, and avocado. Sometimes I’ll add plain Greek yogurt to this which she really likes.

toddler approved food

chickpeas, cucumber, and tomato tossed in Italian dressing (another big hit) and a small pb&j sandwich

toddler approved food

spinach salad: spinach, cucumber, tomato, chickpeas and Italian dressing along with grilled cheese and a plain tofu. I don’t understand it one bit, but she goes crazy over plain, cold tofu.

Here are some other foods she really enjoys:
· chopped kale salad
· pizza on an English muffin (I let her build her own and she really loves it)
· vegan spinach lasagna
· homemade french fries (russet potatoes tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper)
· tofu fried rice and really just rice in general.
· baked potato with butter and plain Greek yogurt – sometimes I’ll add a bit of nutritional yeast too.
· kidney beans with tamari and nutritional yeast
· frozen waffles with peanut butter
· strawberries with coconut oil and hemp seeds
· Indian spiced vegetables – just the veggies, no lentils
· smoothies made with milk (whole or oat), banana, almond/peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey blended with ice.

I’d love to hear about any family favorites you make. I’m all about trying new things in the kitchen since I never know what will work for the whole family. I hope this was helpful and have a great day!