Whole30: Day 1 Meals and Prep

aldi shopping trip

Let me start by saying that Whole30 requires some serious planning. I feel like I’ve been in the kitchen all day prepping food. I had trouble finding approved foods so I had to improvise a bit. Like, I wasn’t able to find sausage to use for these paleo breakfast “muffins” so I had to make my own out of ground turkey. Just little things like that which ended up adding a lot of time to meal prep.

I went to Aldi this morning thinking I’d be able to stock up on a lot of produce, but they were pretty picked over, unfortunately. I was able to get everything in the above photo:

yogurt tubes, two heads of cauliflower, cans of kidney/black/garbanzo beans, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, two bags of grapes, Greek yogurt, almonds, rice cakes, pineapple, bottle of olive oil, chocolate covered bananas, green bell peppers, bananas, roma tomatoes, and two avocados

I spent $41 there. I saw some people I follow on Instagram putting avocado, salt, and tomato on rice cakes. It looked pretty good so I picked some up during this trip to try.

whole foods shopping trip

I got the following from Whole Foods:

ghee, lettuce, 2 1/2 dozen eggs, strawberry kefir, a red onion, ground turkey, chicken breast, and dates/cashews/pumpkin seeds from the bulk bins

and spent $37. Kind of crazy that it was almost as much as my trip from Aldi, but I was buying meat, eggs, and the ghee (which was $8 on its own).

whole30 dinner

My original plan for dinner was salads, but when I saw this cauliflower mash recipe I decided to move things around and make that and turkey burgers tonight. Here’s the recipes used for dinner:

>>> turkey burgers
>>> mashed cauliflower with ghee
>>> steamed snap peas (market pantry brand from target – in the freezer section & very good!)

My husband had two of the turkey burgers and said they were great. I tried the mashed cauliflower and was pretty impressed! My three year old, not so much 😂

date, cashew, and coconut energy bites

Then I made these no bake date, cashew, and coconut bites. These are really good!

ninja iq blender

ninja iq blender

I totally forgot that I didn’t have my food processor, so I had to make do with the Ninja IQ blender. It took care of the cashews no problem, but needed an extra tablespoon of water when I added the dates and coconut. I have to say that it did an amazing job considering it’s made more for smoothies and juices.

So, that was day one. It’s a big relief that breakfast is taken care of (these paleo muffins) and dinner leftovers can easily become lunches for the next day. I feel like I’ll get into the groove by the end of the week, hopefully!


This Week’s Meal Plan: Whole30 Style

juicing fruits & veggies

My husband started Whole30 yesterday which means meal planning will look different over here for the month. It makes planning a little trickier since I’m not participating myself and even though I’ve added meat back into my diet, it’s not something I want often. I’ve been looking for recipes that can easily be made meatless as well so that I’m not making separate meals for everyone. Like with the salad, I can add tempeh instead of chicken. And instead of turkey burgers, I’ll use black bean or maybe these collard hummus wraps.

I’ve just started researching recipes, so meals this week are really simple. I’m hoping that by next week I’ll get more variety in there. I’m excited to see how these recipes turn out, plus it will be nice to clean up our diets and cook some new things.

Here’s the plan for the week:

Monday: salad with grilled chicken (found this lemon vinaigrette recipe on the Whole30 forums: extra virgin olive oil, juice from two lemons, 3 garlic cloves, fresh ground black pepper, Himalayan pink sea salt, and Italian seasoning)

Tuesday: collard wrapped turkey burgers

Wednesday: Greek style chicken kabobs

Thursday: sweet potato hash and fried eggs

Friday: rotisserie chicken with veggies

I’ll be making these paleo breakfast muffins for him to eat in the mornings and these coconut date bites for something sweet.

Here’s where I’ve been finding a lot of great information and recipes:

NomNomPaleo’s Whole30 recipes
My Vegetarian Whole30 Facebook page (there’s meals further down the page)
Whole30 forum on Reddit
– And, of course, Pinterest!

If you’ve done Whole30 I’d love to hear any meals you really liked!


Friday Favorites

>>> Today I’m linking up with Heather from Life In Leggings for Friday Favorites.

Yoga with Adriene

» Adriene does it again with another great yoga video, this time for back pain. Check out her YouTube channel for a ton of free videos. This morning practice is a favorite of mine. There’s no better way to start the morning!

red's burrito bowls
>>> full disclosure: I was sent four of these burrito bowls to try, as well as a few coupons for free product.

These Red’s burrito bowls » I always like to have a couple of easy to make lunches/dinners in the freezer and these burrito bowls were great! I actually only got to try one before my husband ate the rest. He said they were really good and asked me to buy a couple more next time I go to the grocery store. The nutrition stats are really nice – check out the chicken burrito bowl info here – and I know that he really liked eating them after workouts since they have a good amount of protein.

» These free meal plans from Oh My Veggies! I love that they come with printable grocery lists. All the recipes look amazing too.

» I’m really wanting to try this New Mexico Piñon coffee after reading Anna’s post.

» I’m in love with this style blog, FAIIINT. If all black ensembles are your thing, you’ll probably like it too.

» Carrie Brownstein shares 10 of her favorite books.

So, I found my ooold iPod a few days ago and I’ve loved listening to all the forgotten songs on there. It brought back a love for one of my favorites, Deltron 3030. I love this album.

Have a great weekend!