Last Week and the Upcoming Week

Last week I worked out for 4:52 and burned 1,887 calories. I did a few spin classes, lots of walking and a small elliptical workout. I haven’t been sticking to my New Year’s goal of taking a new group exercise class each month because I keep forgetting! It’s so silly! I’m going to choose a class and write it in my planner so that I don’t forget. I’m thinking of taking a kickboxing class this week and I’m sure it will be fun. I need to mix up my workouts so things don’t get boring and have some new experiences.. I may find a new favorite class.

I went to a running store today to get fitted for a proper pair of shoes. Turns out I’m extremely flat footed and need a lot of support. They had me run on a treadmill while they video taped and then slowed it down to show how I run. It was really neat except when they told me I need orthopedics and I could choose from the top row of shoes. I swear the front row looked a little something like this:

Haha, it was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen! I don’t understand why no one makes colorful running shoes. I hate white shoes, but settled on the blue and white Brooks above since they were the best looking. They actually feel really incredible and I can tell a huge difference. I would totally recommend getting fitted for proper shoes. When I got home I went online to see if the shoes came in any other colors and found these which are so much better. I’ll be ordering these after running with the current pair for awhile and making sure they fit well and are comfortable.

Enough talk about shoes.. it’s time for goals! Here are some I have for the upcoming week:

1. Take a kickboxing class
2. Run 5 miles this week
3. Keep my portion sizes small. I’ve been out of control lately!

Nothing too crazy there. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and good luck with any goals you have for this week!



  1. says

    The purple ones are super cute.

    I used to think thick running shoes were for me but now that I’ve got my Vibram Five Fingers I’m not so sure. I feel like a happy medium would be Nike Frees. Someday I’ll try those.

    • admin says

      I always feel so much more comfortable in flat running shoes. The guy at the store said it could really hurt my feet, so I’m going to try these for awhile. They are so thick and I’m a good inch taller form them. haha. It takes getting used to for sure.

      I’m glad the Vibram’s are working for you! I’ve heard great things about them.

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