Jillian Michaels’ Ripped In 30: Before & After

Yesterday I finished the Jillian Michaels’ Ripped In 30 Challenge! I did these workouts before work every morning and followed her meal plan with a few modifications since I’m a vegetarian. I made sure to stay around 1,600 calories per day.

My only exercise was Ripped In 30 during this month, by the way.

I have a lot more to talk about regarding the DVD and meal plan, but for now I’m just going to share the before & afters because I’m so excited! :]

Before: 133.2 / After: 125.8

Body Fat
Before: 22.2 % / After: 20.0%

Muscle Mass
Before: 39.9 / After: 41.4

Bone Mass
Before: 4.1 / After: 4.4

Body Water
Before: 56.9 / After: 59.2

Before: 11 inches / After: 11 inches

Before: 34 inches / After: 33 inches

Before: 29 inches / 27 inches

Before: 36.5 inches / After: 35.5 inches

Before: 14.5 inches / After: 14 inches

Before: 20.5 inches / After: 19.5 inches

I love this one because you can see how my arms have changed.

I don’t see much of a difference in my biceps, but I am so much stronger. I can do regular and chaturanga push-ups like it ain’t no thing anymore!

I still cant believe this is my after shot! I am really happy with the results.

Overall, this DVD is awesome! The workouts are short, effective and don’t get boring at all. The meal plan isn’t ridiculous and I always made sure I got enough protein and healthy fats and drank a lot of water during this. I would definitely recommend the DVD, but it is no joke and Jillian packs a lot into a twenty minute workout!

You can check out how many calories each week of Ripped In 30 burned here. I used my Polar FT7 heart rate monitor to track how many calories I burned and I can’t recommend it enough!


Ripped In 30 FAQ
Ripped In 30: What I Ate



    • denise says

      Hi Anastasia, I have a question about ripped in 30. I started it a week ago and I have gained like 2 lbs. I have been eating right and sweating like crazy. I do already see a differance in my waist. My question is, did you gain a few pounds at first and then they dropped off? I read somewhere that its normal for that to happen. I am just getting a little discouraged about it. Thanks. You look amazing!

      • Anastasia says

        Don’t get discouraged! You are doing awesome and if you just stick with it then you will see big changes! I promise :]

        I didn’t gain any weight, but I didn’t lose at all for awhile. You lose more inches doing it which makes you look so much leaner and toned without the scale moving all that much. You could also be gaining muscle or holding on water. The biggest thing I did was start drinking a lot (about 80-100oz per day) of water because when you’re constantly hydrated your body doesn’t need to hold onto any extra water.

        Good luck and if you have anymore questions just ask here or e-mail me! You will do amazing!

        • denise says

          Thank you for the encouragement! I am on week 2 and I have lost an inch on my hips already! I feel more toned and my clothes are fitting better. Two more weeks to go! I got my sister in on it too! This dvd is great. I am going to keep using it on a regular basis even after the 30 days.

          • Anastasia says

            That’s awesome! Week 2 is definitely the hardest, in my opinion, so don’t get discouraged. I’m so glad you are seeing results and even got your sister in on it! I still do this dvd every once in awhile for a change up and love it.

            • Francesca says

              You look great! Quick question – I completed week 1 and found it challenging but do-able. I just moved on to week 2 and thought I was going to die. Not to mention, I ended up pulling a muscle in my neck and shoulder because of the crazy plank cardio circuit. I have now dropped back to week 1 and find it still to be effective but I really don’t think I’m strong enough for week 2 just yet. Did you find this as well? Any suggestions? I like how challenging and effective the workout is but a part of me thinks that week 2 is just way too advanced.

              • Anastasia says

                I absolutely hated week 2. The first day of it I couldn’t finish the plank circuit. I’m so sorry to hear about your neck and shoulder! I would definitely take time off to let that heal :[ Maybe substitute lower body moves while they’re doing anything that would aggravate your neck/shoulder would help. Injuries are the worst and I really hope it heals quickly.

                Week 2, for me, was the worst week. Weeks 3 & 4 were nothing compared to it so yeah, I definitely think it’s a bit advanced!

      • kay says

        I put on weight when I started exercising too. It was so confusing because I was working out everyday but I put on 10lbs. Also the scales said one thing but all my friends and my eyes said another. ‘You look great did you loose weight?’ everyone asked. It’s like you said you lost inches but you gained weight.
        I don’t know but I think it must be the increase of muscle with the decrease of fat or something weird – so confusing.
        I’ve actually stopped weighing myself because it was just demoralizing me.
        But… I just finished the 30 day shred challange. I lost 1 inch on each thigh – (Yay!!!) – 1 inch on my hips and 2 inches on my naval.
        I ordered this today. Can’t wait to do it.

        • Anastasia says

          I was confused at first too, but noticed that while my weight would stay the same (or go up), my body fat was dropping like crazy which is what you want! Don’t worry about your weight.

          Congrats on those losses!!! That’s awesome! Good luck with Ripped In 30. It’s such a great workout.. I can’t say enough good things about it.

          • kay says

            I am on day 2 of ripped in 30 – holy moly – it is Hard.
            I like to change things up so with the 30 day shred I cycled through the levels. Day 1 – level 1, day 2 – level 2, etc.
            I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this with ripped. Tomorrow I am going back to level 1. Ha.
            Thanks for your great blog post and all the encouragement.

            • Anastasia says

              Day 2 is the worst week! I actually thought that it got way easier after that. Cardio in plank?! I thought I was going to DIE. The best thing though was that after I finished RI30, I went back to week 2 and it was nothing.. just easy to do. I felt so strong after that.

              There’s no shame in stepping back a level. As long as you’re moving each day you’ll see changes!

              • kay says

                I finished the 30 days. It was brutal. Week 3 has a lot of dread factor but I enjoy week 4.

                My results weren’t quite as good as yours (which are amazing) but the dvd was very effective. Again no actual weight loss but lots of inches gone from hips, stomach and thighs. I didn’t follow the diet plan. I wish there were more vegetarian options.

                I am trying 6 week 6 pack now. I really enjoy it but I haven’t tried level 2 yet. Very impressive results from that already though. I am going to try week 2 Ripped in 30 tomorrow. See if I find it easier like you did. Thanks for a great blog.

                • Anastasia says

                  Congrats on finishing! That’s awesome! Yeah, the meal plan didn’t have a lot of veggie options so I made up my own that were within the calorie range of the meal plan meals. I definitely had to get a little creative to make sure that I was getting enough protein without going over on calories.

                  6 Week 6 Pack is such a good workout! Let me know how it goes and how your results were!

        • Beckie says


          Your pics look amazing, really helped motivate me after I started RI30 yesterday. my legs are killing me, they are just soo sore. I have had to make a few substitutes on the diet plan only coz some foods like Mahi Mahi are not sold in England so I have used cod, I’m hoping that the substitutes wont affect the results.

          I read some comments about gaining weight on here, that’s natural on this kind of workout. Muscle is heavier than fat, so while your looking at the scales watching the pounds go on but looking in the mirror & seeing a slimmer waist & flatter stomach, remember you’re burning fat and building muscle.

      • Shelly Rosati says


        I just noticed you posted this a while ago. But, with any new workout, you gain weight. Your muscles tear and swell do NOT get discouraged!!!!! I usually gain about 3-4 lbs. every time!!! Don’t pay attention to the scale, pay attention to how your clothes are fitting!

      • jane says

        I have been doing Ripped in 30 for almost 2 weeks. Even on the couple of days I took “off” I usually still walk or do some activity. I have not lost any weight – haven’t been doing the diet, but have watched calories and eating more veggies and fruit instead of junk. Glad to see you post good but realistic results. Was wondering what to expect. Thanks!

        • jane says

          I really thought the back and stomach shots showed how much toning occurred! Good job! Thanks for posting!

          • Anastasia says

            Thank you :] The stomach was definitely the biggest shock to me. I couldn’t believe how different it looked! Thank you for reading and commenting!

        • Anastasia says

          I bet you are losing inches! Are you drinking a lot of water? That really helped me to slim down a bit. Give it some time and I bet by week 4 you’ll notice your pants are a little loose. Just keep it up and hang in there because you’re doing great!

    • meleney says

      wow ………u look amazing.I have bought all Jillians dvds except one the 6 weeks abs workout.I have been following her from the days of the biggest losers.Shes a gtreat person.

  1. says

    you are awesome! i’m super proud of you for sticking with it and now im super encouraged to get on a 30 day plan and stick it out too…i just like to vary my workouts so much that now im starting to think my muscles dont even have a chance to get stronger. lookin good girlfriend! (not that you didn’t before!)…im gonna take a look at your meals…cause thats the part of these programs i always have trouble with. although…isn’t bob harpers program gluten free and vegan?
    happy sweating and working your little butt off! 😉

    • Anastasia says

      Thanks! Bob Harper has some funky detox/supplement line and it is gluten-free and vegan, but I’m not a fan of those types of plans. Basically, I just stuck to breakfast, lunch and dinner being around 400-500 calories and two snacks that were around 100-200 calories a day. I really watched my protein and took Raw One women’s vitamins.

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! It really wasn’t that bad. The meal plan took getting used to just because I always ate such large portions before.

  2. says

    great work girl! you look fantastic! saying goodbye to pounds is great but inches are the best. i’ll be finishing JM’s “making the cut” next week. i haven’t weighed or measured during the entire time so i really hope i have results like you though, i haven’t been eating 100%. more like 80%. yeah, 80% sounds good. lol.

    • Anastasia says

      Thanks! Inches really are the best. I didn’t even care about weight, but just wanted to get more toned. I’m really excited about how much body fat I lost.

      I didn’t eat totally to plan. I went out to eat a couple of times.. you just can’t do it everyday, ya know?

  3. says

    Having just posted body shots myself, I’m finding that this is incredible! GREAT JOB! You’ve got me inspired to try this DVD after I’m done with P90X. I look forward to the meals post. LOVE the new layout too!

  4. says

    wow! you look awesome — good job! i just started 30 day shred again in addition to regular cardio, but i think i wanna hop on this dvd instead.

  5. says

    wow- those pictures say it all! you look amazing, and the fact that you accomplished all this in 30 days just makes it even more impressive!
    i’m definitely going to check out your daily meals and am excited to read your post about it. i think i’ve got the workouts down, but eating right is my main problem.

    • Anastasia says

      Thanks! :] Food was definitely my problem. I ate really healthy foods but my portions were out of control.

  6. says

    Wow!! This is awesome!! I am not a big fan of Jilian Michael’s but your results are amazing!! You look great! I might just give this a try!! :-)

  7. says

    AWESOME! You go girl! I personally adore Jill and have like 5 of her DVD’s (but never finished any *cries*). I am planning to start one at June 15th though, so I consider this post a sign! :)

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! I love her too and have all her DVDs and this is the first I’ve finished. I think this one was much easier because you don’t do the same workout for more than five days so it doesn’t get too boring.

  8. says

    wow girl, you look GREAT! I just picked this DVD up at Target the other day but haven’t tried it. I loved her 30-Day Shred so I’m excited to start it this week!

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! This one is a lot like Shred, just with an extra workout (4 levels instead of 3) so you’ll love it :]

    • Anastasia says

      Thanks! I just checked out your blog and loved the redneck Disney post! I was laughing so hard. There are so many places like that here in Tennessee.

  9. says

    that’s awesome!! congrats!!
    i’m interested in doing this, but i was wondering what all you had to eat exactly? what type of meals did you fix? was there a lot of organic things?

    • Anastasia says

      I ate mostly organic, but it doesn’t have to be. I ate a lot of egg whites, pita pizzas, veggie stir-fry, Ezekiel bread, etc. I will do a post soon on meals!

  10. says

    Wow, you look amazing! And it seems you lost inches in all the places I’m trying to lose from! One question, I’m in the process of buying weights so I can do this, but I have no idea what to get! How much weight would you recommend using?

    • Anastasia says

      I used 3lb for the entire thing. On some moves it is enough, but on bicep moves it seemed too small so I had a pair of 5lb weights on the side just in case I needed a little more resistance.

  11. says

    You look FAB! Look at the definition on your mid-section- awesome! You looked great before, too, but I’m sure being more toned feels great. Can’t wait to do a similar challenge myself after the baby! :)
    So what’s your plan from here on out? Keep doing it? Switch things up?

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! I certainly don’t think my before shots were horrible.. but I feel much better now definitely.

      I’m doing various workout DVDs at the moment and not really sure exactly what my plan is! :]

  12. says

    Holy! I guess I should do it frequently. I do love it when I do it and I’m always drenched w/ sweat, it’s just hard to always be so consistent, but seeing your results, I need to try a little harder! Great job!!

    • Anastasia says

      It is really hard. I started Shred quite a few times only to fizzle out after week 1. The best advice I have is to do the workout first thing in the morning and out of the way.

  13. says

    WOW. What a difference. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in just 30 days. I have some of Jillians other dvd’s and this has inspired me to bust em out, pick one, and give it a go for 30 days.

  14. lisa says

    Good job! You look amazing. I did her shred and am working on level 2 of her six week six pack. I plan on starting ripped in 2 weeks. My question is, in her diet, she has a lot of fish….I don’t like fish, lol. What are some good substitutes? Without having the same meal over and over. ?

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! I think Six Week Six Pack is the hardest of all her workouts! Level 2 just kills me every time!

      I just made sure that each meal was between 400-500 calories and didn’t have a lot or sodium or sugar. Her veggie recipes looked good although I didn’t try them.

      I ate a lot of veggie stir-fries, pizzas on pita bread, etc. I actually like eating the same thing over & over again so I’m probably not the best person to ask!

      Good luck with RI30! You’ll do great :]

      • Alex Sykes says

        I am soooo glad you said 6 week 6 pack was the hardest cause i have all these dvds and i told myself TODAY is
        THE DAY to start getting skinny so i made all three of my kids breakfast i go to the living room put on the dvd made it through only 15 min lol, what the heck is wrong with me i just want to loose all this weight through 3 years i’ve had three kids HELP i want a little body lol

        • Anastasia says

          6W6P is seriously tough, but if you just keep up with it you will be able to so the whole thing in no time! There’s nothing wrong with you.. it’s hard to lose weight and it sounds like you are doing an excellent job and making time for yourself by working out. Just keep it up! You might want to check out Lindsay Brin’s workouts. They’re specifically for moms and really good workouts. Good luck and remember you can do this!!!

  15. Maria says

    Wow!! Great Job! you look fab!
    Im doing 30 day shread at the mo and i’ll be starting my first day of level 3 tomorrow!! ARGGHHH!!!! I’ve found level 2 hard enough!! but im determined to get through it! I have just ordered RI30 due to seeing your before and after pic’sI’ll start it after ive finished 30DS and had a week holiday to England!! Well done girl for sticking to it – it certainly paid off!!

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! Level 2 was by far the hardest in my opinion. I promise it gets easier from there!

      Good luck with RI30! It’s a really great workout and doesn’t gets as boring as Shred does.

  16. Ricki says

    Thanks so much for posting this Anastasia. I have a question for you though: I recently lost quite a few pounds and want to start exercising and building muscle, but the problem is that I have never exercised a day in my life and I am worried that the DVD may be too advanced for me. Would you still suggest I buy it and give it a try?

    • Anastasia says

      Congratulations on the weight loss! I would definitely recommend getting the dvd. Week 1 is the easiest and it gets a bit harder as the weeks go on. I would just try out week 1 and do as much as you can and then keep doing it until you eventually finish the entire workout. One of the best things about this dvd is that you see yourself getting so much stronger as the exercises build on each other each week. For example, the first week you just hold plank for thirty seconds and on week two you are doing mountain climbers so you have built up form just holding plank to actually doing cardio moves while in plank. Also, there is a person that shows you how to modify each move if you’re a beginner. Good luck with the workouts but I know you’ll do awesome and have no problem! :]

  17. Rina says

    Hi! Congratulations on completing Ripped in 30, results look great! I just began this workout a week ago and I plan to stick it out the entire 30 days! There’s one aspect of these kind of workouts though, I’m curious – what are you doing now to maintain shape since you’re finished with the DVD? Any advice would help, thank you!

    • Anastasia says

      I recently wrote a post about this if you want to check it out! This workout is such a great foundation that once you’re finished with it you can literally do just about anything. I kept doing this dvd along with other workout videos (other Jillian ones & Jackie Warner has some great ones) and doing group fitness classes at my gym. Keep eating healthy (but don’t deprive yourself of foods you love), get at least 30 minutes of exercise in daily, and keep up with strength training and you will have no problem maintaining!

  18. Chantelle says

    Great results, that is fantastic! I just started & have done 2 of her workouts 2 days in a row & my thigh muscles are very sore. Did you have any soreness & just worked through it. I know several experts say to rest a day in between training the same muscle groups to avoid injury etc but Jillian recommends 5-6 times a week on this DVD. Curious to know your thoughts & experiences with this? thanks kindly

    • Anastasia says

      Oh, yeah. I was definitely sore after starting RI30 but I just worked on through it. I had always been told that you need to let your muscles rest as well and not to train the same ones every day. I did a bit of searching around and really liked this answer: http://fitvillains.tumblr.com/post/10811983461/what-do-you-think-about-the-30-day-shred-challenge-i

      It makes sense because this is really just trying to get you into a workout routine and you won’t be going past 30 days. Plus, it’s for people who want to see extreme results in a very short time frame. I hope this helps and good luck with the program! :]

  19. Kate says

    I’ve almost finished my third week of Ripped in 30.
    I like the fact that in a short time it makes me sweat as if i were doing double the amount of exercise. However, I do not really have many good things to say about it as I am finding that even though I am on my third week, I cannot see any changes to my body. I find so so frustrating as the whole point of the program is to, if not get ‘ripped in 30′, then to atleast see some kind of results and fast. Although I haven’t been sticking to the diet suggested, I have been eating appropriate/healthy food and keeping watch of what I eat too !

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do after ripped in 30 is finished to maybe get some results? My main focus area is to get rid of my belly fat and to tone everything up nicely! Perhaps another one of her videos anyone can reccomend?

    • Anastasia says

      I’m sorry to hear that! Are you sticking to around 1,400-1,600 calories a day? Do you drink a lot of water throughout the day? Aim for 3 liters a day so your body doesn’t hold onto any water. Diet plays a huge role in this because it’s such an extreme program. Do you feel like you’re stronger overall? Are some of the moves getting easier? My body fat % really started going down when I was watching what I ate very closely. My body stores fat in my stomach first and it’s the last to lose so I know how frustrating it can get. Just stick with the program and when you’re done go back and do level 1 just once and I bet you’ll see how much stronger and how much better your endurance is. I really like Jackie Warner’s Timesaver Training workout and Jillian’s Six Week 6 Pack (although it can get boring since there’s only two workouts & not a lot of different moves). I hope you start seeing changes soon and just hang in there!

  20. Cindy says

    So Im starting this monday and I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on toning, mainly many trainers say every other day for your muscles to relax, why does she say to do this every day when it involves toning? A little confused–is it bc it’s not a LOT of toning?

    • Anastasia says

      I had heard the same thing about not training the same muscle groups day after day so I did a bit of searching around and found this: http://fitvillains.tumblr.com/post/10811983461/what-do-you-think-about-the-30-day-shred-challenge-i

      It makes sense that this is just a routine to get you into the routine of working out daily and let you get the basics and proper form down. It’s not meant to be something that you do longer than thirty days and you’re only working the same muscles 5 days in a row. It may be because it’s not a lot of toning. I mean, you’re only doing each strength move for 1 minute with light weight (3lb is what they use in the video) so it’s not like you’re lifting a huge amount of weight which if you were, that would be when you’d let your muscles rest in between.

      I hope this helps and good luck with the program! You’ll do great!

  21. Victoria says

    Jillian is AMAZING!

    I bought this DVD maybe six months ago, and it’s been collecting dust on my DVD player ever since, I actually just came acrossed it again today, and thought maybe I’d try er out! I alway love to read online reviews first, which is how I found your website. And OMG. Clearly, this DVD was money well spent judging from ur photos, it’s such inspiration :) I just have a few questions! Did you do other forms of cardio as well? Or just strictly this DVD? And….it sucks but I have an insanely sensitive stomach and I’ve been put on a “clean eating” regimen by my doctor, so it’s strictly veggies some fruits and certains meats, with very minimal spices etc….so I’m hoping that won’t effect the possible end results? I totally think it’s worth a shot tho!

    Thanks again for the inspiration

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! :] I only did this dvd for the thirty days with no other forms of strength training/cardio at all.Your diet sounds pretty close to what I followed so I bet you have no problem at all! It’s definitely worth a shot and it’s only thirty minutes a day for a few weeks.. that’s what I told myself when things got rough and I didn’t want to continue. Thank you for stopping by and good luck! If you ever have any more questions further along the program just let me know!

  22. Mary says

    I started Ripped in 30 yesterday and I feel great, it’s challenging enough and I expect it to get harder but as promised, I hope to get stronger as I go along. Your look great, thanks for the motivation!

    • Anastasia says

      Good for you! You will definitely get stronger as you go along which will motivate you so much. During week 3 (I believe) you have to do tricep pushups (chaturanga) and I could barely do them even on my knees and once the week was finished I could almost get through the whole set no problem. I went back after I finished the dvd and tried that same circuit again and was cranking them out no problem. Also, I could barely do the mountain climbers and my endurance went way up and I had no problem with those either by the end. Let me warn you that week 2 is, in my opinion, the hardest level by far so don’t let that discourage you if you find it tough too. I think it actually gets easier. Good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions!

  23. says

    I first saw this entry some months ago and have it bookmarked since. I finally started Ripped in 30 2 days ago. I did Insanity last year so I was thinking it wouldn’t be *that* hard. I felt like dying after my first workout!

    I’m so excited to progress. Your before and after pics are such motivators, I hope I stick it out! Aaaand to find it in me to at follow the nutritional plan’s general idea, too, haha.

    • Anastasia says

      I’ve heard Insanity is really intense. Ripped In 30 gets easier as time goes on, I promise :] I didn’t follow the meal plan exactly, but kept breakfast, lunch & dinner between 400-500 calories and I had 2 snacks between 100-200 calories. I also made sure to drink a lot of water (around 70-90oz a day) which is important.

      I just went to your blog and it is so cute! I love it and you are adorable!

  24. Danielle says

    Love to hear your amazing results! I went from the 30 Day Shred, to now I’m in Week 3 Day 4 of Ripped in 30. I am down 17 pounds, 16 inches. Absolutely love Jillian’s DVDs.

    Here is my question I am curious about, what are you doing now that you have finished the Ripped in 30? I’m already getting nervous what I should do. The one thing I love about her program is that is always changing. I feel that’s helped with plateaus, with both of her dvd’s. Any suggestions? I’m all ears!

    • Anastasia says

      Wow! Your results are awesome!!

      I know that RI30 helped with my plateau for sure.. it was incredible. Once the program was over I was pretty nervous too, but I just made sure I was working out 30 – 60minutes a day, 5 days a week. I would take a spin class one day, do another one of her dvds the other, etc. It helped keep me motivated and maintained my loss because I was doing varied exercises. I also felt comfortable enough to stop counting calories because I really felt that I had portion sizes down (huge portions were my problem previously).

      Today I am 129 pounds, but I am more toned and my stomach is still flat like it was after the program. Make sure you keep up with strength training as it’s really important and more muscle helps you burn more calories. If you have access to a gym, definitely take advantage of the classes and if not, pick up some other dvds (Jackie Warner’s Timesaver training is awesome) or try BodyRock.tv or Blogilates.com – they have some great workouts that are short and free.

      I hope this helps and if you have any other questions let me know! Thanks and again, amazing results. You’ll have no problem maintaining when the program is over.

  25. says

    This is absolutely awesome! Congrats on your success!
    I found your blog because I was searching for the reviews for this DVD. I am going to start this tomorrow, and I have no idea how crazy it is going to be. This was a really inspirational post so – thanks!

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! It’s really not that bad. Week 2 was by far the worst week for me. You do all your cardio moves while in plank and I didn’t think I’d make it. The awesome part was finishing the program and going back to week two just to see if I had improved. It was so much easier and I had no problem completing all the cardio while in plank. Your endurance will get so much better which is super motivating. Just hang in there and remember it is only 30 minutes a day for a few weeks. Take it week by week and you’ll do fine!

  26. Kylie says

    Wow – you look fantastic! Look at that waist! Congratulations Anastasia! I’m going to start this workout tomorrow- only for two weeks though to prebanish the holiday pounds. :)

    • Anastasia says

      Thanks so much! I bet you’ll see great results just by doing two weeks. It definitely doesn’t hurt to help counter all the holiday eating that will be going on!

  27. christina says

    Your results look great!
    I just started ripped in 30 yesterday. I am not big, I just mainly want to tone and lose a few pounds. I have to say yesterday killed me! But no Jillian workout is easy…so im looking forward to the end.
    Im doing 5 days a week with also using the ab rocket..i cant wait to see the end result

    Thanks for your motivation!

    • Anastasia says

      Thanks! I was exactly the same in that I really just wanted to tone up and I was surprised how many pounds I lost. I thought I’d mostly lose fat and gain muscle so there wouldn’t be a big loss.

      I was so looking forward to the end once I hit week 2. Haha :] Hang in there and good luck!

  28. Lesli says

    Your results look awesome. I have a question though. I started RI30 two days ago but had to skip yesterday due to time constraints, I’m back on track today though. Anyways I’m trying to lose a large amount of weight over the next four to five months, mainly from my midsection. Do you have any advice on which workouts to do after I finish RI30? Also my legs were insanely sore from day 1, does the pain eventually go away with continued workouts?

    • Anastasia says

      Once RI30 was finished I just did some other Jillian dvds and also a couple of Jackie Warner’s (Personal Training Timesaver is awesome). I also took spin classes quite a bit. From what I’ve read, you want to make sure you’re getting a lot of cardio in (RI30 is great bc you’re moving constantly) and make sure that your diet is on point. The soreness will definitely go away but it does take some time. Good luck with the rest of the program!

  29. Celine says

    I am finishing week one tomorrow, and i dont expect to get “ripped”. My biggest worry is i just want to see enough results to boost my confidence to keep going. Also, did you follow her meal plan? I’m have a nutritionist for diabetic reasons, so i follow her meals. So for example my day meals include: 1.plain greek yogart with fresh fruit. 2.nuts and dried cranberries.

    3.green beans and apple slices ( i ate this today with my student before my lunch becuase i was starving… i teach pre-school) 4. salad ( lettus with mango apples and one egg oil and vinigar plain dressing) 5. 6 triscuits with a 1 slice of laughing cow light swiss cheese. 6. dinner ( half a plate of veggie. 1/4 ,meat and 1/4 pasta or rice)…………. i dont know if the work out cd and my meal plan from the doctor with work together to allow me to see results…… whats your opinion?

    • Anastasia says

      You won’t get “ripped” as you said, but you will get stronger and the workout will become easier. It’s amazing at the end to go back and do the first workout just to see how much your endurance and strength has improved. I did follow the meal plan loosely. I felt the calories were a little low so I added in an additional 200 calorie snack. I would definitely stick with your nutritionist’s menu. You’ll still get results! Good luck!

  30. Melissa says

    Hi.. results are greattt!!! Did you just stick do doing a single level a day which is just the 30 mins or did you do more than one slot?

  31. michelle says

    Wow, your results are amazing! I have started the 30 day shred twice before and I find it hard to stick to, especially since you’re not supposed to take and break days. I think the Ripped in 30 will be nicer because there is more variety and I get to take 1-2 days off each week! Seeing your post is definitely going to be my inspiration for sticking with it, I don’t really need to lose weight, I just want to gain tone, and it looks like you did that! Thanks for sharing.

    • Anastasia says

      Looking back, I think that I had a lot of bloat too and upping my water intake did wonders for that! I definitely saw some great results though and got so much stronger. I think that you’ll like RI30 way more than the shred because you totally should have days off! Your muscles need to rest and it’s important that you don’t get burned out. Good luck! You’ll do great :]

  32. Lisa says

    Your results are great! My 3 daughters and I are doing this. We just finished week 2 day 2. Slowly getting there, but still getting there. We all lost weight the first week. Me 3.2 lbs, my oldest daughter 5.6 (amazing result), my middle daughter 4 and my youngest 1.4. I can hardly wait for day 30!

  33. Priscilla says

    Wow I really love excercising…… Im just not consistant… Its hard for me to keep motivated and focus…. I weight 145 I am From Puerto Rico and I have lots of thighs and legs!!! I was a spinning instructor it was my best moment but Now Im a Sales Rep and dont have much time for nothing I am a mommy of 2 and my days are endless!! can I eat the same every day and is it good to throw in some running I run 3 to 4 days a week. And Im vegan
    will that slow down the muscle gain???

  34. Tolu says

    Hey Anastasia, you look awesome, you are a motivation for me. I started Ripped in 30 three weeks ago and after two weeks, I stopped, I’m still eating healthy by I have not worked out in 2 weeks. I plan on starting back tonight with my workout, and try to stick to it until March 16th 2012, hope I’ll have similar resultls. Had a baby 16 months ago and trying to get rid of my baby pouch. Thanks again and congrats.

    • Anastasia says

      Thanks :] Sometimes I find resting really helps and once you jump back into to it you’ll have no problem starting where you left off. Eating right is the main thing so you’re doing awesome. Good luck!

  35. Maka says

    Greta pictures and awesome job!!!! I LOVE seeing REAL pics of people and their results. You must be so proud of yourself!!!

    I just started. I am a die hard Yogi but need a boost. Im on day 3 and pretty darn sore…I haven’t done a workout like this…well, ever and think today should be my break day cause honestly it hurts to walk upstairs. Eek.
    I thought Power Yoga was hard…its got nothing on this!

    Did you mow lawn :) on your day off or did you have just a full rest no workout day?
    Thanks and you look fab!

    • Anastasia says

      Thanks! I was pretty darn happy with the results for sure!

      Haha, I know the feeling of dreading the stairs. I mowed the yard on a rest day where I did no other workout.

  36. Heather Stone says

    First off, congrats! You’re results are awesome! Im 136 lbs now and my goal weight is about 125 lbs(not far off from your start and finish in the pics so I am super excited to see if I can get these results!) I am going on Vacation in 2 months and a few days, so I am starting the 30 Day Shred today and then I am planning on doing the Ripped in 30 to bring me up to my two months. Just wondering if you have an experience with the 30 day shred?


    • Anastasia says

      Thanks! I did the shred for a couple of weeks but I just found it kind of boring. I liked RI30 so much better because it’s only 5 days of the same workout instead of ten. Good luck with the workouts and have an awesome vacation!

  37. Jen says

    Thank you so much for posting before and after stats and pics. I’m on day 4 and was just thinking I should have taken “before” info. It’s very encouraging!!

    • Anastasia says

      You should still take before photos & measurements! You’ll still see a change and it is good motivation.

      • Karin says

        Hi. I am on day 5, I have about 60 lbs. to lose! I love the workouts and Jillian is inspiring! I am starting the 30 day meal plan on Monday. My question is, what can you drink? I obviously know water, but do I have to give up coffee and diet coke? I am going to do what it takes, I have lost 3 lbs. but I can feel a difference and already see a difference in my abs and arms :) Thanks so much!

        • Anastasia says

          I still had iced coffee with a bit of soy/almond milk every day. I didn’t add sweeteners so it would be under 30 calories. I didn’t drink soda, but diet coke doesn’t have calories so you should be good!

          Sorry for the very late reply. I hope that you met your goal and were happy with the program!

  38. Lee Ann says

    I know its been a while since you made the original post. First of all…you look amazing! Congrats on your results!
    I am on week 4 of RI30. I liked that you did exactly what I do…work out during the week in the morning and take the weekends off. That works well for me being that I have 3 kids and 4:30 AM is the only uninterupted time I have! One thing different that I am doing is that I do each “week” for two weeks. I am always so intimidated to go on to the next…she is scary! But effective!! I, like you, feel so strong! And I love week 4! Week 3 about killed me, so I was terrified to go on! :)
    Prior to this, I did Slim in 6, and have now lost a total of 17 lbs and 18 inches! I have not lost any weight, but only inches, on RI30.
    I am not sure I want to get another Jillian DVD. Do you recommend anything else that is around 30 min? After next week, I will be done with this one. Someone recommended the Brazian Butt Workout.
    Again…thanks for your post!

    • Anastasia says

      You are doing an awesome job! 18 inches is incredible!

      I have heard of that workout, but I really like Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Timesaver Training. I mostly just do Jillian’s dvds because I love them but I know they’re not for everyone. Thanks for reading and congrats on your amazing results!

  39. Merce says

    Hi Anastasia,
    Calm regards from ARGENTINA!!!, I am completing the RI 30, and so far I have not give up!!! You look great! Thanks for your blog!

  40. Mercedes says

    HI Anastasia!!, Regards from Argentina!!, I am on week 2 of RI 30, still doing the workouts, thanks for this blog, it encourages me to go on, even I do not like Jillian`s voice!! She mades me mad!!!

  41. Amna says

    I’m not sure I will be able to follow the meal plan, will this whole thing work if I made up my own low fat/carbs and high protein meal plan?

    Btw, Congratulations to everyone who has lost inches and toned up! Its an awsome achievement for sure… keep it up!

    • Anastasia says

      I pretty much made up my own meal place since I’m a vegetarian. I just made sure to stay around 1600-1800 calories per day.

      Yeah, everyone has done so well and had such great results! Good luck with your goals and progress!

  42. steve says

    After shots look great. Your stomach looks really good. I got the dvd so that i didnt have to go to the gym on cardio days. Its a bit of a workout. I do alot of the same dumbell exercises at the gym with 30lbs bells but when at home and having to do all that cardio 5lbs kicks my butt. Made the fiah tacos for my family and they loved it. They didnt even mind the whole wheat tortillas.

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! Yeah, 5lbs kicks my booty too. It sounds like you are in awesome shape!

      That’s great that your family liked the tacos! I always have a hard time making things both my husband and I will like.

  43. Laura says

    Anastasia you look great. I am 46 and started RI30 after xmas 2012. I do it 4 days a week. I took my time doing week one for a month and week two for another month I am now on week 3 (hard) and plan on going it about a month before moving on to week 4. I wanted to master each week before moving on. My results are also amazing and very encouraging. I really didnt need to lose weight but wanted to tone up and boy did I. Arms, legs, stomach and back and my butt lifted a few inches I swear. I want to continue after week four but don’t know if I should do a week at a time or do week 1 one day then week 2 the next etc. What would you recommend?

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! That’s so wonderful to hear that you’re getting such great results. Congrats to you for that and all your hard work!

      I would mix up the weeks each day. I do week 1 one day and then week 3 the next and then maybe one of jackie warner’s dvds next. Since you already have such good results you should have no problem maintaining them with whatever you choose to do.

  44. Cassidy says

    I’m about to start the DVD and meal plan however I can’t seem to find anything about what drinks are permitted. Are you free to still drink coffee drinks and alcohol? I want to do everything right so I’d love to know and get started on the best foot!

    • Anastasia says

      As long as you stay within the calories permitted you should be fine. I drank water and iced coffee with soy/almond milk. Just make sure to drink a ton of water because it really helps!

  45. Kamla says


    I’m on my “practice day” for Week 3 – I don’t want to count it yet as Day 1 as I still am practicing :).

    Anyway, I think you were right when you said that Week 2 was harder. Those killer planks almost made me give up. When I finished today all I said was “That’s it?”, I was expecting more because of the past week.

    Anyway, thanks for posting your before and after, they are encouraging!

    Good luck to us!

    • Anastasia says

      Yes! I felt the same way! The planks made me want to give up too and I was so, so scared of week 3 but I thought it was so much easier than 2.

      It sounds like you’re doing great!

  46. elizabeth says

    hey there anastasia, i hate to be a bother. i found your website/blog, first off congrats!! i am doing ripped in 30 here, but my problem is that for some reason the pdf download is not working! ah!!! i keep shutting my browser down, not sure if it is adobe?? i was suppose to start april 30, so ticked – i feel cheated…i need to email the company and see if they can help, i did buy the dvd so i should have the meal plan. i cannot find it anywhere else. so i was wondering if you have a minute and if you still have a copy of the meal plan you might email me??

    • Anastasia says

      You are definitely not a bother! I am so sorry that this reply is so late and I hope that you were able to get it worked out. If you still need it I will e-mail you! Sorry again :[

  47. Leticia says

    I would like to know if with the dinner recipies, do you have to serve them with salad or something??
    Because i m wondering if i only have to eat that wih no side dish!
    Please let me now thank you

  48. Meghan says

    Hey! Alright so just a piece of info for all of you ladies wondering about gaining weight but looking thinner. Think of it this way, a pound of feathers can take up and entire bathtub, whereas a pound of lead can fit in your hand. It’s the same thing with muscle and fat, fat being the feathers and muscle being the lead. :) Anastasia, you look amazing, great job! I just gained 20lbs after a pretty big surgery and am now in the process of getting rid of all of it. Fun fun.

  49. Tracy says

    I finished the week one of the ripped in 30 days but I went for two events and I had a lot to eat :(. Should I just continue with week two or start all over again.


  50. Kristan says

    Hi Anastasia! You look great and this is so encouraging as I recently gave birth to twins and I am anxious to get back in shape. I have a question for you regarding the RI30 meal plan – none of the dinners in the plan include a side…it just seems to be the main entree (meat item)…did you have a healthy side with your dinners?

    • Anastasia says

      I didn’t really use many of the meal plan recipes since I’m vegetarian. I just made sure to stay within my calorie range.

  51. pinar kaya says

    i’ve started doing the exercise for 3 days and i notice the changes but i wonder what will i do after the 30 days pass, what kind of a program should i do to sustain my toned body?
    thank you :)

    • Anastasia says

      To maintain the results I would alternate various dvds I had (along with RI30) and spin classes at my gym.

      Thank you for reading!

  52. Elena says

    Anastasia, I have been searching another Jillian Micheal DVD – came across the 30 day ripped.. I am going to buy it and try it. You look amazing. Great pictures too.

    where did you get the daily food program? Does it come with the DVD set?

    let me know, thanks. Elena
    Round Rock, Texas.

  53. Nicole says

    You look amazing ! I’m 38 and feel like my body is changing and not for the good! I use to be so toned and I’m not anymore. I’m about 20 pounds over weight and I just want to be more toned! Not so much lose weight. Do you think this something I should do? Thank you

    • Anastasia says

      Thank you! I definitely think you should give it a try. I didn’t lose much weight, but lost a lot of inches and really toned up. The great thing about this though is that not only do you get so much stronger, it also sets you up to get into the routine of working out regularly and able to take on just about any workout that you’d like to do. It gets you in super shape and since you’re already working out almost every day, you want to keep that up when the thirty days are up.

      You can do it! It’s only thirty days and you will see great results. Be sure to take some before photos and measurements if you can so you will be able to see your progress! Good luck and if you have anymore questions once you start feel free to e-mail me or comment here.

  54. lee says

    Gosh, this is so motivating, well done. I am on day 3 and it is HARD! I am a walking/yoga type of girl, but want to shed my post baby weight. I haven’t taken measurements or before pics, but after seeing this I’m going to do this tomorrow. One question, the dinner options a challenge. Can you add veggies or salad etc to the dinner options? I notice none say “serve with x,y”. Will adding veggies or salad throw the diet plan, do you know?

    • Anastasia says

      It is hard, but be warned that level 2 is the hardest out of all the levels so don’t get discouraged! Keep pushing through and once you get over that second week it gets easier. You will see such an improvement in strength that it will be super motivating. Definitely take a few photos because you it really shows how much you’ve changed.

      When I did RI30, I just made sure that my daily calories were 1,600 or so. I aimed for 1,600 because once I did the workout for the day, which burned around 300 calories, I would be at around 1,300 for the day. I’d make it so each meal was around 400/cal and then added in two snacks of around 200/cal each. Now, if breakfast was only 200 calories or so, I’d then roll over those extra 200 calories to lunch or dinner or maybe use them as an extra snack. If you count your calories and see that you have enough for a salad then go for it. I don’t know how many calories you’re allowing a day, but I found 1,200-1,300 to be way too low so I bumped it up a bit and still saw great results. I hope that helps and if you have any other questions feel free to email me (hello at workingouteatingin dot com). Good luck with the rest of RI30!

  55. Erica says

    So i bought the DVD from Amazon but can not download the PDF for the meal plan… anyway you can forward it to me. I follow the link on her website but i keep getting an error message.

    Thanks in advance…

  56. Trenika McCoy says

    Week 2 is a beast and this is definitely a challenging workout; however, I am going to complete it and hopefully go for another month. I have a partner, it really helps to have that accountability. We text one another when we are done for the day. We go grocery shopping together and keep one another motivated. We actually combined the meal plans for Insanity and Ripped in 30. I think Julian’s workouts are perfect for women, she targets all those problem areas. Hearing her voice keeps me on track during the workout! I cannot wait to see where I am at the end of the 30. Thanks for posting, very encouraging!

    • Anastasia says

      Way to go! It gets easier after week 2, I promise! There’s something about all that plank work that is killer. But you are getting stronger! Once you guys are finished, go back and do the week 2 workout again and the difference will be amazing.

      That’s so great that you have a partner to do this with. I bet that is super motivating! You guys will do great and will have awesome results.

  57. kelley says

    I notice you posted calories burned for the DVD’s that you tried. What about 30 day shred? I am currently on my 9th day using it. I know they results are very effective as I’ve done it before but just didn’t keep up with the routine. Anyway I can get the calories burned for 30 day shred plan? Also, are the calories burned listed per each workout ?

    • Anastasia says

      Give me a week or so and I will get them for you :] Is there a week you’d prefer I do first or just start with one?

  58. says

    Hi just started level 1 but I can not do diet plan because from chile and language is difficult, I’m just calories and lower carbohydrates, may be this way, I am very excited need to tone up and lose ten pounds

  59. louise says

    Hi, i am not physically active and i did the first day of the ripped in 30 dvd today, i can’t even go into a sitting position, should i do the dvd today and push as much as i can or take a rest day? what would you recommend.

    • Anastasia says

      I felt the same way when I started the dvd and it really eases up after the first week. Definitely take it easy and do what you can. If you feel that you really can’t do another day in a row then take a rest day. It’s such a tough workout but you’re doing a great job and you will do awesome – even if it’s not necessarily 30 days in a row. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions or anything.


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