Brewer’s Jam

On Saturday I went to Brewer’s Jam with Greg, our friend Chris, and my mom. Brewer’s Jam is a huge festival with 60+ brewers where you get to sample all of the beers (well, as many as you can handle), eat good food, and listen to a few local bands. I was the designated driver for the group, but I still had a good time keeping everyone out of trouble and people watching. I’m a lightweight anyway and would’ve tried five beers and probably been drunk already. I did try a couple of sips of two beers that really stood out to me—coconut porter & a pumpkin ale. Both were really good, but the pumpkin beer was my favorite as it tasted just like pumpkin pie.

Greg tried this burger and said it was awesome and I thought the menu was funny and had to get a photo. There were a few vegetarian options, but I was really wanting some pizza so my mom & I split a small cheese pizza and it was really good. That’s my mom and me on the right towards the end of the night.

The drunk hula hooping was definitely my favorite part. This hoop kept getting passed around and it was hilarious watching everyone get so into it. There would be a huge crowd around the person hooping and they’d all be chanting “go! go! go!”. I loved it! haha

After the festival, which was almost 5 hours of drinking, we walked downtown to a deli to get some sandwiches and let everyone sober up a bit. They had a tv there with the Tennessee/Alabama game on so the guys were content staying there for almost two hours. I went to the gelato place next door to get my mom and myself some coffee and I couldn’t resist a pumpkin cookie too. It was great and I wish I had the recipe because it was the best pumpkin cookie I’ve ever had.

It was a fun weekend and everyone had a great time and found a few new beers they really enjoy. I know that I will hunt down the pumpkin beer I tried for sure. Have you ever gone to a beer tasting like this?



  1. says

    That looks so fun! I missed Oktoberfest this year for a camping trip but I’d love to go to something like that, if not just for the drunken entertainment. 😉 I love going to breweries for tours & tastings though! The Red Hook brewery in Washington has a tour & tasting for $1 & you end up with 30oz of beer by the end of it. For a buck!

    • Anastasia says

      The drunken entertainment definitely made it worth it :] I’d love to do a brewery tour! That sound like it was really fun. You can’t beat 30oz of beer for a dollar!

  2. says

    That cookie looks amazing & I lol’d a bit at the hula hooping :)

    I’ve never done anything like that, which is okay by me since I don’t really love beer. I’d like it if it was like, cider or something :)

    • Anastasia says

      I’m not much of a beer drinking either which is why I’m always the designated driver. A cider or coffee tasting would be more up my alley as well.

    • Anastasia says

      I bet the wine tasting was fun. I’m not a big fan of wine but I’d like to try different kinds because there’s maybe some out there I like. I bet there are beer tastings in your area!

  3. says

    Man, I love pumpkin beer! I’ve been at work every single time there’s been a brew fest in Phoenix, which is so upsetting!, but probably good because it’s easy to get sloppy at those things, haha.

    • Anastasia says

      I love it too! What’s your favorite one? I really like Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead, but I want to try one that’s sweeter.

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