Planning For The Week & A Killer Ab Workout

I didn’t even bother with meal planning last week because I knew that Waves and I would be visiting with her great grandma who is in town and Greg had a lot of meetings, so we both ate out a lot. We will get back to eating at home this week though. Here’s the menu I have planned:

MONDAY: I’m having dinner at my mom’s and Greg bought a rotisserie chicken for himself.

TUESDAY: crockpot spinach lasagna

WEDNESDAY: leftovers for me and salmon for Greg

THURSDAY: pita pizzas and salad

FRIDAY: tempeh sloppy joes with roasted potato wedges

SHOPPING LIST: field greens, tomatoes, no boil lasagna noodles, salad dressing, tempeh, potatoes, salmon, rotisserie chicken, zucchini, pizza sauce, marinara sauce, ricotta, sandwich buns, onions, sweet potatoes (for Waves), Greek yogurt


I did this ten minute video on Friday and my abs are still sore this morning. Like, getting out of bed was difficult they were so sore. My core is super weak though and I’m working on strengthening it up again. Definitely try this one out because it’s great.



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