What I Ate Wednesday


This was one of those breakfasts that doesn’t look very pretty, but is super good. It’s kale, two egg whites, and half an avocado with lots of black pepper and some lemon juice. I’m not really the biggest fan of kale but I like it in these egg scrambles.

Waves had a smoothie with whole milk yogurt, frozen mixed berries, banana, hemp seeds, spinach, and whole milk. She also had half a plain waffle and I ate the other half with some peanut butter on it.


For lunch I had Mexican quinoa with Greek yogurt and a tiny bit of avocado. I made this cornbread for Waves and it is really very good. I only used half the amount of sugar and it turned out fine.

Waves had the same thing to eat as I did. She really loves that quinoa recipe as long as I serve some Greek yogurt on the side. I use full-fat Greek yogurt for her. If you are looking for some, try Trader Joe’s. I had a hard time finding anything over 2% until I looked there.


Once Waves started her nap, I did a zumba workout. Afterwards I had some yogurt while I stretched and watched an episode of Workaholics. I got way too happy when I noticed that season 3 had been added to the Amazon prime instant watch section.


I was still a little hungry after stretching, so I made a salad. It was field greens, sunflower seeds, cucumber, grated carrot, and tempeh. That Bragg’s salad dressing is really good!

I had a small baked potato with Greek yogurt and nutritional yeast around 5:30pm. Looking back, I had a ton of Greek yogurt yesterday.

sweet potato fries and chik'n nuggets

Dinner was sweet potato fries and Morningstar chick’n nuggets along with a glass of iced tea. I ate around 8pm since I waited until after Waves went to sleep to eat. I guess I wasn’t really hungry when she was having her dinner (Annie’s mac n’ cheese, steamed broccoli w/olive oil, and some pear slices) since I had that salad and baked potato earlier.

I got caught up in YouTube land while eating and watched way too many of Janelle Ginestra’s dance videos. I love the way she dances. This is one of my (nsfw bc of lyrics) favorites (she’s Bay Area Girl in the video).

So, that’s what yesterday looked like food-wise. Head over to Peas & Crayons WIAW link-up and check out what other people have been eating lately. I always find a new recipe to try out over there!

10 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday

  1. One of my favorite easy meals is chick’n nuggets and SP fries. It makes me feel like a kid again! A healtier kid that is… ;-)

  2. Mmmmm sweet potato fries are the BEST! I love love love them.

  3. That whole day of food looks perfect. Now I’m dying for some MSF nuggets!! Their veggie corn dogs are my favorite!!

  4. All of these meals look great Anastasia! Any day with kale and sweet potato fries is a good day for me (those are my favorites)!

  5. Cassie says:

    You make me feel better about my insane amount of Greek Yogurt consumption… breakfast, snack, dessert… I can’t get enough!

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