Weekly Love

Just a few things I’ve been loving this week…

My new mug! It’s so bright and cheery.. I just love it.

New workout dvds! I love mixing up what I do and adding to my home workout collection. I picked up Bob Harper’s Kettlebell Cardio Shred & Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training. I haven’t done either yet, but I will definitely review them once I do.

Snacking on hummus and pita bread. Greg brought home this really good roasted red pepper hummus and have been addicted ever since. I also love my Hello Kitty ziploc bags!

Other things that have made my week ยป Ezekiel English muffins, going to a spin class and loving the music & then hearing the instructor say that the new music was too weird & she wouldn’t be using it again- haha!, O.N.E. coconut water with pineapple, my rice cooker, yoga in the mornings, seeing new muscles and definition that wasn’t there before, The Roots feat. Erykah Badu – You Got Me, canned sparkling water, apples and cupcake scented candles.

What have you been loving this week?

Body Rev DVD Giveaway!

As you may already know, I did this video for the first time last week and it was the most intense workout I’ve done in a long time. I absolutely loved it and wanted to share how wonderful it is, so I went to the store and bought a copy to giveaway here! All you have to do is leave a comment telling about your toughest workout, your favorite fitness dvd, or just an exercise you love to do. You can gain an extra entry by retweeting this tweet I made about the giveaway.

I’ll choose a winner by random out of all the entries on Monday the 24th. Good luck!

My Favorite Workout DVDs

Lately I have not wanted to hit the gym after work like I normally do. It’s dark, cold, traffic sucks and I’d rather not leave my house if I can help it so I’ve invested in a lot of workout dvds recently. It’s great because I don’t have to go anywhere and can get a tough workout right in my living room. They’re also great for getting in a quick morning workout and helping energize you for your day. I wanted to share some of my favorites that are helping keep me in shape this winter.

I can always count on my girl Jillian to have a good workout in store for me. I’ve never looked forward to fitness new releases before, but you better believe I had 6 Week Six Pack pre-ordered on Amazon and checked my mailbox in excitement everyday until I received it. The reason I love her workouts so much is because they aren’t cheesy, boring, she’s encouraging and you get a really effective workout in less than an hour and you can’t beat that.

1. No More Trouble Zones – This is the one I go to when I want some serious strength work and want something a little longer than half an hour. It’s 45 minutes long and contains seven circuits that work different “trouble zones”. I like how you can play all seven at once or just pick and choose circuits to create your own custom, shorter work out. I use a lighter, three pound weight since you’re using them for pretty much the entire dvd. The only thing I don’t like about this one is that it feels long.

2. 6 Week Six Pack – Ohhh, my goodness. This is some intense cardio and ab work here. I love that it’s an ab workout but you do hardly any crunches and you also work other areas in addition to your core. You do a circuit of various moves for around fifteen minutes and then complete the circuit one more time but it never gets boring because you’re doing a lot of different exercises. I burn the most calories with this dvd compared to her other ones.

3. Shred-It with Weights – Whenever I’m really unmotivated and don’t feel like working out this is the dvd I go to. There’s something about this one.. it goes by so quick and is awesome. There are modified moves that use a dumbbell but it is not the same.. use a kettlebell to get a much better workout in. The warm up incorporates the kettle bell and gets your heart rate up very quickly. This has a lot of squats and swings which I love, but it also has turkish get ups which is a big ol’ haaale no in my book. Those things just suck!

4. Yoga Meltdown – Great stretches and strength training using your own body weight. You do an exercise for a few reps and then hold the move for fifteen seconds which really gets your heart rate up. This is where I first learned camel pose which feels amazing and really helps stretch out my back. You also get a really nice arm and back workout with this one, but also some stretching and core work.

5. Body Rev: Cardio Conditioning – I don’t even know what exactly to say about this one. It starts off all good but goes to insane in no time. I was dripping with so much sweat that my hands were sliding off the mat and I was making noises that even freaked me out. I thought that I was going to throw up at one point after doing a round of scorpion push ups.

This dvd is an hour long and it has a countdown timer which I’m not sure I like or not. I like it when I have five minutes left, but when I’m standing there dry heaving and it says I have 43 minutes left.. yeah, not so much. Even though this workout was long and challenging, after it was done I felt so proud for finishing and giving it my best and I felt strong. It was really an amazing feeling and I hope to do this every week until eventually it doesn’t seem so hard anymore. This is definitely my new favorite dvd. Did I mention I burned 600 calories during this? Yeah, I love it.

6. Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Timesaving Personal Training – This is a 30 minute strength training workout that will have you feelin’ pretty sore the next day. You do different strength moves for a minute each and I recommend lighter weights since you’re have to keep them moving the entire time. This is a quick, effective and straight to the point workout that incorporates a ton of shoulder work which I love.

7. AM & PM Yoga For Beginners – I don’t know much about yoga but I was looking for something that would really stretch my muscles after a hard workout and help me relax before going to bed. An added bonus is that this one has a more energizing morning routine which really helps you start your day off right. I love how you hold the stretches for quite awhile and you work on matching your breathing to your movement as well.

What are your favorite workout dvds? What’s the hardest workout you’ve gotten out of one? I’d love to add some new dvds to my collection!